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Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Our Kodak Moments...

Of course, like most moms, I love to take pictures of my kids. I have the camera out pretty much all the time so as not to miss one of those adorable "kid moments" that simply must be digitally perserved! This is one of my favorite pictures of my three... Tanner is barely two months old, and Gracie and Tessa loved to sit in front of that swing and sing to him. Tessa was in a good mood that morning, and is actually saying "cheese" to the camera!

But unfortunately, those moments are very rare with her! And as I've complained before.... Tessa does not like to have her picture taken. This drives me crazy. Typically, when she sees the camera, she immediately covers her face and cries, or runs away as if she's a celebrity dodging an ever pesky paparazzi!! She's impossible! And in the rare moments that she decides to cooperate with a "photo shoot," she prefers the camera all to herself... and is NOT a fan of posing with her siblings. Bless her.

So that being said... I'm always on the prowl for a moment when I can be sneaky and catch Tessa off guard to snap a picture of my three kids. As I'm sure all photo-happy moms know - this is not an easy task... and requires super quick thinking, fast fingers, and creativity! (A pocket full of suckers is helpful too).

Trav took Gracie's car seat out of his car last week and left it sitting (of course) in the living room. Tanner was really enjoying trying to climb into it, and so Gracie came over to help him. She summoned me from the kitchen to see the two of them together, and asked me to take their picture. So, I did...

I asked Tessa to get in the picture, but of course, she refused....

A few minutes later I noticed that Tessa, who was earlier not interested in the chair (she was playing with the laundry basket), had now decided that it looked fun, and she'd play with Gracie and Tanner after all.

I had to act fast!! With camera in hand and my finger already in position to snap the picture, I quickly put Tanner between the girls. And just as Tessa was about to squirm... for some insane reason I hollered "Hey, Scooby Doo!!" (I don't know why..... all I can think is they've been on this Scooby Doo kick lately, and it was the first thing that came to mind. ) Anyway, Tessa must have thought Scooby Doo was going to pop out of the camera or something because she stopped squirming and before she knew what had happened... click!

Finally... my three sweet faces, together, all looking in the general direction of the camera, without anyone screaming, eating candy, crying, pouting, or covering their face. Amazing... Thanks, Scooby!

1 comment:

team larsen said...

Kudos! I'm with you on the photographic challenge! And you actually want to say "okay then, do bitch when you're a teenager and we don't have any pictures of you" :) If they could only have that forethought at the age of 3! lol