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Monday, March 10, 2008

One Snowy Day...

After hours of the weather man threatening, canceling dinner plans, taking an insane trip to the grocery store, and Gracie sleeping with a spoon under her pillow and her PJ's on backwards and inside out.... Friday morning around 10:00, we finally saw snow out our front door.

The girls ventured out for what ended up being a brief play time in the snow... after about 20 minutes, they decided they were too wet and cold and had to go in!
But while we were out, we did the traditional "snow things". Tessa made a snow angel.

And then had a snow snack.

And of course, there was a sad little snow man, who was a bit scary because he had only a nose and no eyes!

Tanner stayed inside... it was too cold out, and he decided he was too busy learning to walk with his toy anyway.

Of course, in typical Arkansas fashion, it had all melted by the next day... but it was fun while it lasted.

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bugs & sunshine said...

I love the pictures! Snow is another difference I can add to my list of ways girls and boys are different. I was FREEZING while we were outside and kept asking if they wanted to come in...noooo they said. Boo. I mean, great! When they finally came in the red faces/legs were a sad sight. I finally determined it would probably be impossible to develop frostbite after an hour of playing in the snow and went to eat a cookie. Tanner's pj's are so cute in that picture, he is so sweet.v