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Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Tanner Turns 1

Well, we won't have our "official" celebration until Sunday, but today Tanner turns a year old!!

Since the boy toys are a bit scarce around here, I bought him his own tool box. I think the girls actually liked it as much as he did.

And then his buddy, Drake, who turns a year next month, came by with a really cool gift for him too. A baseball toy!! Tanner (and of course, Daddy) were thrilled! After carefully reading the directions together...

They tried it out!

Good swing, Tanner!!

There's more to come. We'll have some birthday cake and stuff this weekend, but for now....

Happy Birthday to Tanner!!

We Love You!

1 comment:

team larsen said...

Tanner is precious!!! Who does Drake belong to??