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Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Serious Opinions!

As I click around to various blogs, I am increasingly aware of how my blog is all "fluff" as "pro-bloggers" would call it. You know, all stuff about my kids, my family, etc., etc. I have yet to blog my deep thoughts on life, politics, religion, etc., etc... Maybe some day, I will (and I'm sure you're on the edge of your seat).

But until then, there is something I feel quite strongly about at the moment and I simply must urge everyone else I know to see my point of view!!

BROOKE WHITE is my favorite this year on American Idol! I love her! She comes across so genuine and sweet. I love her voice and think she's just so talented.

Yes, I still watch American Idol... there's a chance I might not have been as into it this season, but the writers strike putting everything else I watched on hold left me getting sucked in - again!!

So, on a serious note: VOTE FOR BROOKE!!


bugs & sunshine said...

What an exciting post!!! I just got done posting about who I thought will get the boot tonight! I really like Brooke too, I think it will get down to her, David Cook (is that the rocker guy?), and the teeny bopper guy(David?) that all the girls love. What do you think? My personal fave is the rocker-I think he's awesome! And how cute did she look last night. Sickening isn't it?! haha

Cuzzi said...

PLEASE!!!!!!! Brook White is an emotional basketcase, who cries everytime she sings or talks about her family. She has an eating disorder, she looks like a skelton with no muscles. She is a one trick poney, she can sing a slow piano ballad. If you went to a concert, after the third song you would hate it!

Dave Cook ROCKS... and David Archuleta can sing circles around your emotional anorexic hold me love me cry baby. - Cuzzi

Cuzzi said...

Sister - Cleary Steve and I need to do more work today. The thoughts above ONLY represent Jacuzzi... clearly I VOTE for BROOK!

Love - Your Supportive Sister!