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Saturday, March 22, 2008

Egg... travaganza!

Gracie was out of school on Friday, and while Tanner was busy practing trying to walk and perfecting his whole "getting into everything" routine, we had our "traditional" egg dying event. I don't know what historical tradition or reason there is for why we dye eggs at Easter, but Gracie thinks we do because we leave cookies for Santa, and eggs for the Easter Bunny.

It was much messier this year than last.... Tessa was much more into dipping her egg in the dye this round, and Gracie wanted to do more decorating. Gracie thoughtfully selected each color for her eggs, and then carefully stirred and watched them to get them to the shade she wanted. Tessa chunked an egg in each cup, and immediately wanted to take it out and put it in another.

And through our different styles, Mommie learned that it was well worth that extra $2.50 for everyone to have their own set of "color cups" and egg tray.

Here they are showing off the finished project of artful eggs for the Easter Bunny after all of their hard work...

And then of course, they needed a snack. Gracie said the Easter Bunny probably wouldn't mind if she had just one of his eggs.



Jerusalem said...

Sooo cute! Looks like they had lots of fun with their egg dying!

bugs & sunshine said...

That looks like it was a lot of fun. Can you believe dying Easter eggs never crossed my mind one time?! What kind of mom forgets to let her kids dye eggs :), haha! I guess the non-crafty type like me! Your house look super cute and sunny!