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Friday, July 24, 2009

The Caped Crusader...

I would say on the "nature vs. nuture" argument I would have probably always said, "it's clearly both" but yes, of course, boys, by nature, are different from girls. And now, well... I know that for a fact, it's true.

Not too long ago, Tessa checked out a Super Friends DVD (the old school Justice League) from the library. Since then, the Super Friends have been a big hit around here. Tessa loves them... and Tanner has become a fan as well.

In fact, here is my little caped crusader... that is Tanner's "blanket" made special for him by Ms. Bridget, the dearest of friends, who also happens to know all about little boys.

He's been sleeping with it since he was probably 6 months old, and now it doubles as his all important Superman cape. He spends at least half the day with it tied around his neck... running about the house, jumping off anything he has manged to climb on without me noticing while hollering "Superman... To The Resue," and then he charges off... of course, saving the day.

I know you may think I'm bias, but I promise it's THE CUTEST thing EVERY time he does it - and it always makes me laugh.

I have been heavily reminded this week of the importance of finding the "joy," on the grand and small scales... taking some when you can get it... and being grateful for it.

I pray I am always able to notice that which God gives us, clearly for no other reason than to bring us "joy".

1 comment:

~~Mel~~ said...

Aww what a cute little caped crusader!

My little (well I guess sorta big) guy still ties towels the same way as his 'cape' lol.