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Friday, July 17, 2009


So it's been another week.... and I finally decided to face the scale... and of course, it hadn't moved. It hadn't moved in either direction, which considering how disorganized I was this week, I suppose that was a gift.

So... here we go again. Amber's question this week:

What is inspiring you?

Oh... so many things.

Let's see... On TV these days, the show Ruby is quite inspiring... I love that show. I love her! She seems so genuine, and just the fact that she is willing to do so much, in front of so many... God bless her. I'm rooting for her!

And of course, nothing puts a kick in your workouts like a shopping trip to Target where you found something you totally loved... but it looked terrible on you because it was "too small".

And of course, by my husband... he likes to "go and do", and you know, overweight people don't like to "go and do" so much. Plus, just overall, I want to have a marriage that remains happy and "healthy" and I know that part of keeping that intact relies heavily on how I feel about myself.

But most of all... my biggest inspiration to not only lose weight, but be HEALTHY, and just in general "better" is, of course, my kids. They deserve to have the mom who can "go and do". HA!

Nobody wants to have OR to be the "fat mom" who can't climb up and/or fit in the slide at the Jump Zone, or ride the rides at the amusement parks, or fit in the seats at the movies and/or shows... or any of the other, shall we say, more "athletic" things it might be necessary for me to do in the process of keeping up with my kids. HA!

Plus... looking ahead, I hope to set a good example for them and encourage them in what it means to be "healthy" versus just "thin", and hopefully they'll pay attention and in the long run avoid my mistakes. I want them to grow up active and busy... versus addicted to video games or television shows. And that can't happen if I can't do it with them.

But speaking of inspired... I hope this week is more so than the last. I think this past week the overall pace of the last several weeks has finally caught up to me, and I am TIRED! So hopefully the weekend will bring some rest and organization! I'll keep you posted. :-)

1 comment:

~~Mel~~ said...

I personally think you look great! But I totally understand the want and need for more energy and just to be healthier in general...I could stand to change a few of my habits myself.

Hang in there!