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Saturday, July 18, 2009

Feeling Froggy...

So, let me introduce you to the newest member of our family... Froggy.

Now, if you know me, then you know my very strict NO PETS policy. So how did they slip this one by me?? Well... last weekend we attended Trav's family reunion in Mississippi. The facility was near a wooded area, where there was supposedly a nearby "creek". As the kids ran about, it wasn't long before one of the little girl cousins (who was Gracie's age), who was fearless when it came to bugs or critters (of any sort, from what I heard), had captured herself a small frog.

As she proudly showed it off.. Gracie decided she would like one too. Of course, she is my child, and had NO intention of touching the frog... so she asked her cousin if she would mind catching one for her, who was only too happy to find and fetch another slimy little hopper!

Once caught, the frog was housed in a water bottle that Gracie had carefully prepared for him. When I wasn't looking, Trav punched some air holes in the top of it and told Gracie she could bring it home. I was annoyed... but I figured the life expectancy of some poor frog trapped in a bottle would surely not surpass the two hour car ride home. But I was wrong...

By the time we pulled in the drive way... he had been officially named "Froggy," I know... quite original. And he was still hopping away in that bottle by the next morning.

While I'm patiently waiting on the frog to "croak," so to speak, so that I can give my carefully planned speech about how pets do die... and that is why sometimes it is best to just not have them.... Aunt Mandy pops in and thinks that is a horrible idea, and decides to take all three kids on a field trip to the pet store to find Froggy some more suitable accommodations.

So... I'll be damn, if one hour and $12.50 later... they didn't arrive home with a proper box for our new pet... and some frog food as well. Frog food? Who knew?

So now I have to live with this creepy little frog hopping around his box, giving me the stink eye all day (especially after I accidentally left his box in Tanner's reach, who gave it a good shaking). I tell the kids we have to keep Froggy up and away so Tanner can't get it (which is true), but also because I can just feel those bug eyes staring at me... begging to get out.

When he hopes around his box in a frenzy... Trav tells the kids he's just "happy." I'm like, yeah, that's what he is... happy. But of course, the kids love him... in fact, he is now officially included in Tanner's "nite nite tour" as we call it, where everyone in the house has to get an official "nite nite" hug and kiss (although Froggy gets his kisses blown to him). So, I suppose as pets go, it could be worse. Thank goodness Gracie's little cousin didn't bring her a snake!

I have a friend whose girls got a goldfish as a "take home treat" from a birthday party a while back (which I bet that mom was not very popular afterwards). We were hanging out one night and the fish died... and her girls were so devastated she had to leave and rush home to comfort them.

So... keeping that in mind with no idea how long a well fed frog in a box might actually live, I am trying to lay the ground work now that at some point... it may be time to let Froggy go. You know, giving the spill about how he might not like to be cooped up in the box forever... yada, yada, yada... let's free him. I'm thinking now that we're all attached to Froggy, when he does eventually croak, it'll be bad... very bad. So, at this point, I'm hoping we can have a "going away party" for him versus a funeral.

So, we'll see what happens. But in the meantime... this whole thing just solidifies my NOT PETS rule even more. As much as they LOVE the frog... who do you think has to remember to shake the frog food in box everyday??


Carolyn Bakalekos said...

YEA for Aunt Mandy! We all know she's not crazy about little critters, but just shows her love for those kiddos.

~~Mel~~ said...

Oh boy...I would not do well with a froggy in my house! Thankfully my boy was never into critters and bugs...though we do have cats for pets.