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Sunday, July 26, 2009

So Long Froggy....

Well... we had to say goodbye to Froggy today... and luckily, it was in the front yard instead of over a toilet.

This was him the other morning in his box... see the "stink eye". Do you think he wanted out? HA!

We decided it would be best to let him go because over the last few days I didn't think he was looking very well... I mean, as best as I can assess the overall health of a frog... but more importantly he wasn't eating his "frog bites", and that I deemed legitimately worrisome for the chance of waking up to a dead frog in a box in the near future. So... we "released" him back into the wild - our front yard.

Gracie was SOOO upset! She cried some real tears over Froggy's departure. So we had to break out the camera and document his leaving us appropriately. Tessa wanted Froggy to say bye to her blanket... and Tanner was giddy waiting for Trav to pop the top of that box so he could try to catch him.

In the end... we think he made a nice little frog nest by the tree in our front yard, and we encouraged Gracie that she might, in fact, see him hopping around again sometime soon.... bless.

And so we went inside with Gracie's sad little face, and my continued resolve that we WILL NOT have pets. :-)


Lynn said...

We had the same predicament...only with those dumb hermit crabs the beg to bring home from the beach every year! My daddy thinks there are probably some very happy hermit crabs crawling around in the creek behind our St Charles House!

~~Mel~~ said...

I'm glad froggy is out of your house! I'm sure the kids aren't too devestated.