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Wednesday, October 17, 2007

At The Four Week Mark!

Here are some random pictures of my kiddos (Tanner in his favorite towel after bath, and the girls playing dress up) for you to enjoy while I tell you that today marks the end of my fourth week on the UAMS plan.

According to their "patient profile" of me, I was expected to lose 16 to 18 pounds within the first four weeks. Aspiring (for once) to be an over-achiever, I had hoped to lose 20.

But... after weighing in today and dropping another 4 pounds for this week, I'll just have to settle for 19 pounds so far. Not bad... no complaints.

Today's class session was all about putting a good support system in place for yourself while pursuing your goals. So many in my group talked of their struggles with unsupportive family and friends. I felt so lucky to not have had to put a support system "in place" because it was already there! Such a blessing!

So a BIG thank you to my dear friends and family (especially to Trav for being so considerate and flexible) for all your support as I've ventured out from the starting gate these past few weeks. I have so appreciated all your encouragement and will continue to need it as something tells me... the really hard part is probably yet to come!

So... four weeks in and I feel good, very proud, encouraged, and most of all relieved to know that yes, this is possible - I can actually do this. I'm still oh so very far from where I hope to be, but it's wonderful to be able to say, 19 down.... only 61 to go.

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The Merediths said...

Tricia...I am SO proud of you! 19 pounds is a great accomplishment. I'll be praying for you on your journey and I know you will be able to meet your goal. Keep us updated!

Hugs! G