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Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Poor Trav...

Well, after months of suffering through with Ibuprofen, Travis finally had surgery on his shoulder yesterday.

Growing up playing every sport under the sun, he probably initially injured his shoulder years ago because it's bothered him on and off since I've known him. But getting it looked at was always put off... sometimes due to necessity, but mostly due to stubborness, and then, of course, others because it was the middle of softball season, and heaven forbid a doctor tell us he needed to sit out a season and let it heal...

But anyway... despite his efforts to stay off the "injured" list, this past softball season sealed the deal on what turned out to be offically diagnosed as a torn rotator cuff injury that he finally had no choice but to get "fixed".

It's the end of day two, and he's doing better. At least he's down to taking one pain pill every four hours instead of two... His recovery won't be fun for him (or us). We've been warned the PT is "rough" for this type of injury. Plus, as you can see, that is quite the cumbersome shoulder sling he'll be donning for at least the next three weeks. And as you can imagine, he can't pick anything up (you know, like a baby or a two year old) for probably the same amount of time as well, if not longer.

So we certainly appreciate your prayers for Trav's quick (and hopefully less painful than expected) recovery, and for my patience and sanity while he gets well!

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Saline County, Arkansas Photos said...

Now I'm worried about my son... he plays every sport under the sun too.