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Wednesday, October 24, 2007

More Pumpkins.... Less Pounds

Here is a picture of our finished jack-o-lanterns from our pumpkin patch adventures! Gracie's had three eyes, which she thought would be extra scary. Tessa wasn't much into the carving, but she did want her finished pumpkin to sleep in her bed and was rather distraught that it had to remain outside.

Here is a picture of the girls hard at work on scooping the "goop". Tessa was more interested in stirring the goop than scooping it from the pumpkin. (Please note that I do realize Tessa has no clothes on in this picture, I apologize... you see, she feels very strongly about her wardrobe and simply could not find a suitable ensemble for pumpkin carving since, as you can see, Gracie was wearing the dress Tessa wanted first, and so consequently, Tessa decided to wear nothing... I know... but at that point, I was like, whatever....)

Tanner watched from his exersaucer... :-)

So moving right along. After the hectic start to our week, on a bright note (at least for me), I left UAMS today officially three pounds lighter (22 total now), and seeing a number below 200 for the first time since.... well, a really long time! WOO HOO!!

Our class today was about "emotional eating". It was not new information to me... I'm far from in denial about my stress/emotional eating issues. Exhibit A - Monday was a day full of "crazy" all across the board. It was one of those days where when it was all said and done I would have typically exhaled in front of the TV with a 9:30 PM "french fry fix" from the nearest golden arches drive thru! But, I didn't... and I don't know that I even thought that much about it!

So while there will still be no miniture Resse cups allowed anywhere near my house this Halloween (once an addict... you know), I think (at least I hope) I'm starting to "get it" and am more easily diverting from what my typical patterns have been and am focusing on what I'm choosing to do now. Of course, we'll just take that one day and/or one crisis at a time!

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