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Saturday, October 13, 2007

Weekend Adventures - Part 1

Well, this was one those wonderful weekends around here when Trav was off, or is "home all day", as Gracie says. So, when that one time a month rolls around, we try to make the most of it when at all possible, and this weekend was no exception!

We started off Friday evening venturing out to brave the State Fair! Nana and Papa kept Tanner for us, while we took the girls . And as a special treat, Trav's mom (known around here as Grandma) came along as well to spoil the girls with cotton candy, snow cones, and prizes! The fair has certainly improved over the last few years. It was clean, lots of security, the workers were overall very nice and eager to help, and it was FULL of rides for small kids and several other attractions to see. Here are a few pics from our fair extravaganza!

We started off on the merry-go-round! I thought this would get us off to a nice, slow-paced start.... but not so much. It went really fast in my opinion, but the girls loved it. Tessa kept saying she wanted to ride the "horsey again! "

Here was Gracie's favorite, riding the Dumbo with Grandma! She kept saying she couldn't believe she was "so high up", and was being so brave. She was quite pleased with herself for riding this one since last year after she had climbed aboard it, we had to ask the operator to stop and let her off as the entire fair could hear her screaming for dear life!

Here are the girls riding the cars (their second favorite ride each). Tessa reluctantly allowed Gracie in the backseat on this ride... she typically was insisting she have "my car" and not wanting a passenger! Gracie is being "brave" as she called it, riding with "hands up high" she said.

Here's Tessa on her favorite ride - the motorbikes! These went way to fast for my taste (especially for my 2 year old to be riding), but Tessa loved it! She became especially fond of the red bike, and couldn't understand why we couldn't just take that one home. It was so fun to watch her ride. She couldn't stop laughing the whole time, and we were literally prying her off each time it stopped.

And lastly, when we had been on our last ride and eaten all the cotton candy, Gracie got to play the duck game on the way out and her and Tessa each won a huge inflatable Dora wand (just what we needed). Gracie was thrilled, and couldn't believe her good fortune to have been lucky enough to pick a #1 duck winning herself the Dora prize she'd had her eye on since we walked in the door.... Of course, the reality is Grandma and Daddy had done some wheelin and dealin with the duck game guy in advance... so any number she picked would have gotten her the prize. :-)

Tessa is more the dare-devil (at least at this point) than Gracie... Tessa rode the dragon roller coaster three times (we had to get them to stop it and let Gracie off after one spin). And over on the animal side, Gracie had no intention of getting anywhere near the cows, while Trav luckily grabbed Tessa just in time before she climbed up on top of one to pet it.

So that was Friday night... we were out until 11:00, and then two very sleepy girls went straight to bed! Oh, and a side note: I'm pleased to report I made it all the way through the fair without consuming any of the traditional fried goodies they have, including my usual fair favorite (a jumbo corndog - extra mustard) which I admit I really, really wanted to have.

In our rush to leave for the fair, I hadn't had time to get my last meal replacement in. And so with the smell permeating through the air, practically beackoning me to the stand.... I had decided to cave in and have one! Then luckily, there I saw her - a lady twice my size gobbling one up and dripping mustard all over her shirt in the process - so, I changed my mind. Now, not to sound harsh or judgmental of that lady... but the image was perfect timing and an immediate reminder to me of my goal. So as we drove home - I was very proud of myself, and so relieved to be away from the corndog smell! HA!

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