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Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Halloween Adventures of Jasmine and the Pink Fairy!

Happy Halloween To All!

In our usual princess theme, Gracie was Jasmine. She's really into Jasmine these days, and her favorite part of the costume was the crown, but then she only wore it for like 30 minutes after this picture. I bought Tessa a Snow White costume back in August. It was adorable... and she is usually a big fan of Snow White, so I was sure she'd love it, but... not so much. Tessa informed us Friday she wanted to be "the mermaid". Of course, by then there were no mermaid costumes to be found in her size... and so luckily (very luckily) she spotted this "pink fairy" costume for $10 bucks on the Target clearance rack and loved it! The wings sealed the deal! Thank goodness!

We had a big Halloween this year! We started off with Gracie's school carnival last Friday, and then hit Boo at the Zoo on Sunday, and finished strong with our friend Karsen's Halloween birthday party and trick or treating to follow!

Here is Gracie jumping from the steps of one house and ready to race to another!

And here is Tessa quite excited to be returning victorious from a trick or treat stop with her favorite candy, Skittles!

Tanner skipped the trick or treat festivities and stayed with Nana and Papa... but this picture of him is really cute!!

As for me, I went to UAMS today and had lost another two pounds! WOO HOO! That brings my grand total up to 24 so far. 16 more to go, and I'm half way! :-)

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Carolyn Bakalekos said...

Amanda shared your blog site with me -- I, in turn, shared it with Lindsay (who is addicted to Facebook (?) these days, so I don't know if she's dropped by yet). I'm so proud of you in your weight loss efforts. You're doing great! Of course, I enjoy the pics of your kiddos too. They're precious. Amanda and I always compare mine and hers with others and we always have the cutest! Imagine that!