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Monday, October 8, 2007

The Menu

Okay - so my new loyal readers (both of them) are curious... What Am I Eating???

Well, the "meal replacements" come in four flavors, chocolate, vanilla, and strawberry, then my favorite, potato. They are "flexible" as the box calls them, and can be mixed with diet drinks for shakes or they can be baked into cookies or muffins (and I use those terms generously). You can add flavors like cinnamon or sugar free flavored jello to help it out (and believe me, it does).

The potato flavor saves the day for me. With that one you can make potato chips. Well, that is what the UAMS recipe books calls them, but the reality is they are more like potato cookies... but when the only other options are shakes or baked goods - they taste great! They sort of look gross, but the broiler comes in handy after baking them for making them crispy.

So there it is, the menu.... slim pickins - I know. They don't taste bad necessarily, but they do have a "taste" which it usually takes some generous portions of Splenda (thank God for Splenda) to help kill. Word on the street at the clinic is that on week four we're given back fruits and veggies. We'll see...


Jerusalem said...

Who knew what it would take to get you to bake daily? Look at the Pampered Check thingy earn it's keep!

team larsen said...

Is that the ONLY thing you are eating? Or are there other meals too?