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Saturday, October 13, 2007

Weekend Adventures - Part 2

Well, as Jerusalem said, "Fall is finally here!" And thanks to the cruise directing efforts of our Ms. Bridget, it is now officially our tradition to venture out to the pumpkin patch for some family fun each October.

So after Friday's adventures at the State Fair, we woke up at the crack of 8:00 AM Saturday morning just in time to ready ourselves and meet up with our gang out at the pumpkin patch for a hayride and picnic. We arrived just in time for me to visit with some of my favorite gal pals (who Gracie calls the "other mommies") and for the girls to get some running around time in before catching the big tractor out to the patch.

Tessa wanted to ride with Daddy on the hayride. We were so excited that he got to go with us this year! Last year he had to work!! Boo!!

My fabulous friend, the famous blogger extraordinaire, Jerusalem... she loves to take pictures as much as I do!

Gracie was so excited to see her friends and get to ride in the "big truck thing" out to the patch with the "girls".

After searching the patch over, the girls returned victorious with two perfect pumpkins to take home for "jack-0-lanterns".

After the hayride, we huddled for our picnic... and the girls were very excited to learn that our sweet Ms. Bridget had made some yummy cookies for everyone.

It was such a fun morning hanging out with our good friends (a/k/a our extended family), we had perfect weather (though a bit hotter than we'd of liked), but the kids had a blast! Even Tanner had fun watching all the big kids, and never fussed once the whole time!

So, quite an eventful weekend for us, and now we're all geared up for Halloween! Today we're being "boring" as Gracie says and have to stay home and do all that always needs doing around here... and sadly, rarely gets done!

1 comment:

Jerusalem said...

Such great photo's - I love that the Pumpkin Patch has become such a great tradition - and that this year it was "drama free!"