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Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Making Headway....

Well, Wednesday is class day at UAMS, which is also "weigh in" day. I am ever so pleased to report I am 3 more pounds down, which leaves me 5 pounds away from my "first goal". In addition to that, due to good progress and a good lab report (speaking of which, I couldn't believe how much my cholesterol had dropped in just three weeks) I have been removed from the "high risk" catagory and am now listed in the "intermediate risk" group. Good news all around - but especially for the bank account (high risk is more expensive).

The experts at the clinic (all women who look 22 and weigh as much as my leg, are registered dietitians, and all have names that end with "ly" or "ie") encourage you to set small goals within your long term one. This makes sense - especially when you're trying to lose 80 pounds. The steps in the middle are encouragement to press on!

So anyway... today was a good number on the scale! The smallest number I've seen in a long, long, long, time... And as I crunch on my meal replacement potato bites, I'm feeling good, and yet can't help but think how I would really like to reward myself with a big fat cheeseburger... but alas those days are over, and I suppose I'll have to settle for this "feeling of accomplishment" instead. :-)

On a side note: since I didn't have a related picture of me standing on a scale smiling (which I'm sure you would have loved) to associate with my post... you can enjoy this one of Tanner in his jumper thing, which he is just now getting the hang of. Isn't he cute?? He's quickly gaining on 7 months, and still, on my third baby, I can't believe how quickly it goes by.

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